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Qureshi FoodStuff Trading LLC (QFT) was incorporated on 23rd March of 1998 as a private Limited Co in Dubai UAE. QFT was found with the clear objectives to bring quality grains from Pakistan, attain and maintain perfection in consistent quality supply, in rice procurement, storage and rice processing from reputable Mills of Pakistan, aiming at customers complete satisfaction at all times. In view of this objective & recognising that change in the global market as a fact of life, our entire business strategy therefore revolved around customer's taste and preference which indeed is a corner stone of the company's policy. QFT has vowed to introduce to the world the finest quality of Basmati Rice whose unique aroma makes the delicious difference to any dining festivity.

Today QFT enjoys distinct recognition all over UAE as one of the leaders in Foodstuff products. We are mainly dealing in Import of Rice in varied varieties, starting with first the procurement proces each year in November when the crops come out. We than select our most Premium Vareity of basmati rice, with our most popular brand Qaswa Super Kernel Basmati Rice.

We are among the biggest distributors to Carrefour Hypermarkets, Majid Al Futtaim group of companys. Having created a specialized exclusive Private Label basmati for Carrefour Hypermarkets, under private labeling of No-1, Qureshi Foodstuff is among the most respected and reputed organizations for Carrefour. After 7 years of success in N-1 Product line, Carrefour Endowed QFT with yet another private label Premium product range of “Carrefour basmati rice”. The objective of the company has always been to serve to all the A-Class Hypermarkets, including Union Cooperatives, Sharjah Cooperatives, RAK Cooperatives, Spinneys, Al safeer, Al Maya group,and UHM. Today the products are readily available in all of these hypermarkets with tremendous success. QFT is constantly evolving with the changing trends, and continually in an effort to introduce more quality products from pakistan.

QFT also exports to various GCC and Gulf Destinations where Carrefour exists under the banner of Majid ul Futtaim group. Our exports are largely to Oman, KSA, Kuwait, Jordon, Egypt, Lebanon and other gulf regions.