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Today the name QFT enjoys distinct recognition all over the UAE. Implementing strict quality control based on the philosophy that quality is the life line of the company. We strongly believe that we could hold this enviable position only till such time that we actually maintained the current standards.QFT being concious of the quality, very carefully selected the most esteemed Mills using top of the line machinery from UK, Japan, Thailand and Pakistan.This distinct combination of the machinery and strict quality control has enabled our rice to pass the hardest chemical test invoked by the Govt of Japan.More so, the quality control unit of QFT tests the shipping samples prior to shipment, from the top notch Kala Shakako Laboratory of rice. The so-called, DNA-Test of the rice ensures that only the approved rice is supplied. This stringent quality control measure has given QFT an Edge in the markets of UAE today.

Quality of the end product mainly depends on three things.

  •           Raw material used.
  •           Kind of machinery involved.
  •           The expertise of the staff.

Raw Material Used
Since QFT is always ready to pay the extra amount for better quality, the finest produce of the finest paddy growing area naturally finds its way into the Mills, where each bag/grain is checked by our experts in the "at site" laboratory. Only after thorough inspection the paddy can find its way to the processing area.As far as Cooking Oil goes, which has generated a tremendous response by the consumers, is also tested in its raw form and an analysis report is send to us prior to shipment.

Kind of Machinery Involved
Conscious of the fact that what is modern today is going to be obsolete tomorrow, QFT carefully chooses the most upgraded plant as per requirement of the global market.Whether, it is the rice, a cooking oil or a fried onion, QFT chooses its suppliers with great caution and an effort is made to ensure the quality of the product.

The Expertise of the Staff
The quality of each grain, the drop of our Qaswa'FRYME' Oil, the spoon of honey and a pinch of our Fried Onion; in essence, all our products are eloquent testimony to the careful and delicate efforts made by our experienced professionals.The ability of our team to select the paddy, or the raw material of other products and making the optimum use of the available technology is envied by our competitors.It is due to these efforts that QFT gets an edge in the competition today. Carrefour, Selected QFT for their private labeling of "No-1" Rice and "No-1 Tea". QFT constantly gets the contracts for the supply of Carrefours No-1 product line. All this is, because of the professionalism QFT brings to the table for its customers.